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Graphic design combines the two elements of verbal and visual, in order for the design to be effective, and this type of design has been associated with professional practices associated with visual imagination, the requirements of society and technological innovations.

العناصر التشكيلية لفن التصميم


It is the beginning of any configuration and is the smallest part that has no space and no geometric dimensions.


It is the movement of a point in a direction or is a set of points that form a line, and its types are: straight, refractor, spiral, curve, and closed.


It is the internal space and the confluence of lines with each other.

Size or mass

is the sensation of heaviness and weight.


It is the superficial value of the visual or sensory effect of the surface of objects.


It is an emotion that falls on the eye by decaying light rays or can be defined as the reflection seen on a particular surface, and is divided into three primary colors: blue, red, and yellow, and three secondary colors: orange, green, and violet.

Light and shadow

Lighting is considered as the positive element and the shadow is in turn the negative element of it.


It is the part that surrounds the artwork if it is anthropomorphic.